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Match-up at L'ATTITUDE

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2020


Match-up at L’ATTITUDE’S purpose is to increase the Latino entrepreneurship participation to fuel our U.S. economy and sustain economic growth.


Learn how capital investment can light dreams up in an inspiring way. Attending can be a helpful skill for anyone who wants to create inspirational change.


Investors spark the flame of Latino leaders with capital resources to support their high growth businesses and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Initiate the FIRE

What is Match-up at L’ATTITUDE?

Match-up at L’ATTITUDE is an impactful one-day event created to revolutionize the Latino founders fundraising paradigm through an inspirational competition matching U.S. Latino entrepreneurs with striking venture capital investment. This year, Match-up at L’ATTITUDE presents an inspirational concept linked to hand rubbing a match with a sandbox ensuingly creating friction with the purpose of initiating the spark needed to start a fire. 

Match-up at L’ATTITUDE is part of L’ATTITUDE.

L’ATTITUDE initiates the fire by sparking conversations on topics such as The Modern Latino Media Consumer, Building America’s Labor Force, The Interconnected Market Space, and all things Venture Capital. This first-of-its-kind initiative is intended to change the fundraising paradigm in an exciting competition that matches entrepreneurs with venture capital investment. Participating entrepreneurs can compete in any of the following tracks: Engines of Job Creation, Educational Attainment, Financial Strength, Engineering Prowess, Healthy Communities, New Economy Services, Media, or Data Analytics. L’ATTITUDE is focused on fueling the economy of our nation.


Match-Up at L’attitude


Our mission is to initiate the fire of the Latino fundraising paradigm and demonstrate how capital fuels economic growth.
Match-up at L’ATTITUDE’S purpose is to increase the Latino entrepreneurship participation to fuel our U.S. economy and sustain economic growth.

Why you Should Attend


Be part of the change and light the future. Match-up at L’ATTITUDE encourages diversity and equality of access to opportunities as we invite the best entrepreneurs throughout the nation. By creating more Latinx entrepreneurs, we will increase economic growth and sustainability within in our nation.

Access To Capital

Increasing the pool of funding available for U.S. Latino entrepreneurs will create job and wealth opportunities for the largest U.S. buying power. Match-up at L’ATTITUDE uses the heat created from rubbing against a rough striking surface to ignite a flammable fuel. While everyone knows matches as an easy and safe way to start the economic fire, most people disregard to light them.


Match-up at L’ATTITUDE is a useful event to learn how capital investment can ignite their dreams. Attending Match-up at L’ATTITUDE can be a helpful skill if you want to create an inspirational change in your nation. Once you master the basics of lighting matches, you can even initiate the fire as a useful trick!

Planned Agenda


Morning Sessions – 10:15 A.M. – 12:15 P.M. MST


Welcoming Remarks:  L’ATTITUDE’s founders welcome Match-up attendees to an exciting day where the nation’s next top entrepreneurs, along with respected and take the stage to ignite the fire of entrepreneurship in the Latino community and beyond!


Women Entrepreneurs: The country’s leading Latina entrepreneurs to take the stage to walk us through exciting investment opportunities and the challenges they have overcome. Supporting this session is the Portfolia Rising America Fund. The Fund focuses on founders, ecosystems, and products and services historically overlooked by traditional venture capitalists but positioned for significant growth and profitability.  


Sponsors’ Highlights


Latino Focused Nonprofits: Latino youth are among the most technologically savvy users and over-index in the use of technology tools. In this session, we explore and learn about the various organizations that help bridge the digital divide and ensure Latino youth are prepared to impact the learning, work, and home environments.


Afternoon Sessions – 1:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. MST


L’ATTITUDE Main State: Join the entire L’ATTITUDE family for special programming you won’t find in any other venue, in-person or online.


Match-up Main Stage: A highly curated, competitive business pitch session featuring the nation’s best Latino entrepreneurs. They will be matched up with savvy, experienced, and tough investors looking for the next innovation born out of the minds and efforts of Latino ingenuity and hard work. This is an hour packed with moving stories of how businesses are born, and the resiliency of Latinos forging ahead to succeed.


Wrap-up and Closing: Announcing of winners and likely some cool surprises!

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Next Steps


Morning Sessions

10:15 A.M. – 12:15 P.M. MST

Welcoming Remarks 

Main Event

Women Entrepreneurs – Powered by Portfolia Rising America Fund


Latino Focused Nonprofits


Afternoon Sessions

1:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. MST

Main Stage




Match-up Main Stage


Wrap up and Closing